Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Another uneventful day. Everything seems to be running smoothly under 64 bit mode on Hamilton, with none of the "Unable to connect" problems occurring. There are still 3 tests which fail, all of which are unit tests for file-based tuples. In each case the test reports "Out of memory". Tate was happy enough with this, given that Hamilton is a very low end machine, but DM suggested upping the stack. Adding -Xmx256m to component test did the trick and these now pass.

Added some code to build.sh and build.xml to detect a sun4u processor and use the -d64 flag for the JVM. This is being passed in as a parameter called "arch.bits". There seems to be no other way to find out if the current architecture can execute Java in 64 bit mode. It is also annoying that only the Solaris JVM will accept the -d parameter. Consequently all other architectures are now defining "-Dnoop" instead of -d to act as a placeholder on the command line when invoking java.

AN would prefer if it the detection and setting of arch.bits could be done in build.xml so that running the system without build.sh will also work (this only seems to be an issue of anthill). However, given that this is only an issue on 64-bit Solaris, and all it does is default to the 32 bit version, there is no priority for it. I might look at it if I get time later, but for now build.sh does all the tests correctly, and running a 64 bit kowari (with assertions enabled) is just:
java -ea -d64 -jar dist/kowari-1.0.jar

Now testing Kowari on Windows, using the host "Carver".

For some reason JAVA_HOME was not set correctly. Added this to the kenv.bat file which was created for setting Kowari variables in order to run build.bat.

A clean build had a lot of unknown classes. Must be due to cvs not having -d by default on the windows login. Now fixed.

RDF Load unit tests all failed due to being unable to delete C:\cygwin\home\pag\kowari\tmp\rdfload-log.txt. This was due to the file policy for testing being different for Windows, and not set correctly. There was no perceived need for restricting file access during tests, so this was just changed to ALL_FILES. Now have a single error in RDFLoadUnitTest where the logfile appears to have parsed 2 extra lines (read 7 instead of 5). Possibly due to newline characters being out of whack for Windows.

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