Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It seemed that the problem with RDFLoadUnitTest could well be the parsing of newline characters, but it has been difficult to track this down. This is because the files in question only exists for the duration of the test. Keeping the file around indefinately does not work, as it seems to interfere with other tests. I ended up giving each test its own file to work with, but this resulted in most of the tests failing. It would appear that several of the global logging objects in RDFLoadUnitTest are holding onto data regardless of the file they read from.

While all this was testing I was able to find and fix a problem with ItqlInterpreterBeanUnitTest. This was definately due to problems with the EOL character, and it was a simple matter of using the line.separator system property.

Getting back to the RDFLoadUnitTest, the problem is coming from RDFLoadLog. I've added a new constructor that lets me log more data. Strangely, this simple addition has caused another test in the suite to fail! Logging in different places is causing things to change as well. It all seems remarkably brittle.

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