Thursday, April 08, 2004

Much of today was taken up with meetings, starting with the morning meeting, and moving onto a teleconferenced meeting with Virginia. Not a lot of time for coding.

AN had some important things to say about coding standards and tests. I was feeling a little guilty until I realised that with the exception of 3 classes, I haven't written any new Java code now for 2 years. Those 3 classes were all written in the last few weeks for RMI, and all were compliant. I'll need to be diligent in future to prevent sliding.

Found all the Windows problems. RDFLoadUnitTest is using a log file which is re-used in each test. Some tests rely on this, but it left data in the file for one test, breaking it. Most of the tests have a finally clause which tests for the existence of this log file and deleted it. My initial solution was to delete the file in the "tearDown" method instead of the end of most tests, but that was how I discovered that some tests rely on the file being left from a previous test. I disagree with this, but it seems to be necessary here, and I don't really have the right to change it. The problem was fixed when I deleted the log file at the start of the failing method.

There is one remaining test which fails, and that is IntFileTest. This fails due to the truncate method being called on a mapped file. DM has already said that he know how he wants to address this, and it's been left for him.

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