Monday, April 05, 2004

Working on problems with running in 64bit mode on an UltraSparc. Frustratingly ineffective day. The only UltraSparcs available are quite slow... not that I know their exact MHz. That's really unforgivable as I own one of them! :-)

Mostly works, but clients occasionally refuse to connect to a running RMI server. In trying to reproduce this problem I started using an iTQL command line, using the SWING GUI found in itql-1.0.2.jar, and connected directly to a Kowari server to run the JXUnit tests manually. In the process discovered that attempting to load an RDF file into a non-existent model left the session in an unusable state. This was caused by an exception being thrown (due to the use of a non-existent model) before a try block was set up to catch it. As a result a temporary string pool file was left open. So I also discovered that DM now keeps track of all managed block files in a hashtable. That'll be handy to know.

Was prepared to fix this bug, but Tate preferred that it get addressed later. AN picked it up for me and fixed it. Back to the 64bit tests, but got held up for a while with broken SOAP libraries. Once that was fixed, ran the tests again and the day was over before they were done.

Also noted that JXUnit tests will never insert into a non-existent model (ironically, I coded this a couple of years ago, but forgot). The LoadDataJX class will always drop and re-create a model before loading a file into it.

While waiting on tests took a quick look at Joel Spolsky's User Interface book (indirectly got there after reading about Eric Raymond's rant on CUPS). Looks interesting, and I enjoyed the anecdotes. I'll have to make some time for it.

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