Tuesday, May 11, 2004

It's getting on towards midnight, and I sat down a little while ago intending to code. Instead I'm surfing instead. Darn. At least I've now discovered the problem that I and others have occasionally seen with Blogspot. From the "Known Issues" page:

Blog*Spot blogs occasionally render a massive amount of gibberish in Mozilla (due to a complex bug involving gzip). The current workaround is to force-reload the page.

Says it all really.

Well I should really write some unit tests for this JRDF in memory library. I finished the coding last night, but went straight to bed before testing, and we all know that testing/debugging is the time consuming part. I'd better get it done for the simple reason that I want to start implementing this other project with DM. At least JRDF is a pretty simple interface, so it won't be hard.

One hassle I have with what I've done is that I've kept all the classes apart. However, the iterators are just screaming out to be made inner classes of the GraphImpl class. I've resisted it so I can write JUnit tests for them. I also like to keep classes as small as I can to aid readability and maintainability. I've worked with code that has made too much use of inner classes in the past, and the resulting confusion was not pretty.

It's not really a big deal. After all, an inner class is just an external class with different visibility and a built-in reference to the enclosing class. I've just had to give package scope to things that might have been private, and I have to pass a GraphImpl reference in the constructors of the iterators.

If I get it working soon I'll give it to AN and see if he wants to put it up on the JRDF site at Sourceforge.

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