Friday, May 14, 2004

A couple of important internal meetings today, so not a lot of coding happened.

I spent time debugging some grammar code, and then I went hunting through the SableCC generated code in order to find the entry point to the query layer. It seemed a little complex in there, though I suppose it made sense to the guy who designed it.

Once the command has been parsed into a grammar tree, an execution method is called on the tree. This in turn keeps calling methods on the individual parts of the tree, but I didn't work out how that gets into AbstractDatabaseSession before I was called into a meeting, and then my coding was all over for the. I might try and get some of this going over the weekend, but I won't panic if I don't get time.

My first priority over this weekend is a set of calculations for a cousin who is building rowing machines (well, he's Dad's cousin, making him my first cousin, once removed, right?). He's upgrading his range of exercise equipment, which means that the computers have to be modified. Ultimately he'd like to put a USB interface on the rower, but for the moment he just needs a computer that can handle all of the dynamics of the new design. So I'm doing the calculations for him, and then possibily doing the USB design in the near future. He needs figures for Monday so I'll probably be busy with them for a few hours on Saturday at least.

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