Wednesday, May 19, 2004

According to Google Blog, blog posts should be short. Well sorry everyone, that ain't gunna happen.

To reiterate for anyone who didn't pick up on it, this is a place for me to journal what I've been doing, and to organise my own thoughts about what I plan on doing, both at home and at work. If I happen to say something interesting for others then that's great (hey, I can use an ego boost as much as the next guy), but I'm really just here to help organise my own life.

Transitive Queries
I did my first transitive queries today! Unfortunately anchored queries have a bug in them that I'm in the process of tracking down (it's building as I type). Other than anchoring (which is simply an optimisation anyway), it all works as expected.

There was no one around this morning when I made the decision of whether or not I should return all statements matching a predicate, or only the inferred ones. I opted to only return the inferred statements (a little less work), and of course that was the wrong thing to do. I realised it this afternoon when a query I executed correctly inferred a statement that already existed. There were people around by this point, and everyone agreed that existing statements should be returned at the same time. However, I'm pleased I did it this way, as it let me see exactly what is being inferred.

Hmmm, now that it's just about going I'd better write some unit tests for this query. If AN asks, then just tell him that they were written before I started the coding. ;-)

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