Monday, May 31, 2004

Numbers RDF
Just in case anyone is interested, the little C++ program I have for generating RDF for cardinal numbers is now up.

Don't expect too much of it, as I never intended it for public consumption. Hence, it's important to read the README. Otherwise you might end up wondering why it just seems to sit there doing nothing...

It writes to stdout, but takes a while to initialise its set of prime numbers (a long while on a slow computer, or about 5 minutes on a fast one). A USR1 signal makes it close all XML tags and exit early. That feature may be important for you, as it will take days to run to completion, and it's unlikely you need a file quite that large.

I recommend piping the output into gzip.

Update (3 years later)
This link has long gone stale. I mention it again here, and put up a link to a more recent version. Some of the OWL was changed in this file, due to updates in the OWL spec (owl:sameIndividualAs is no longer a relationship), and the fact that I re-worked the structure for myself. The first version was based on someone else's description as I hadn't learnt OWL at that point, but I updated it once I learnt it for myself.

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