Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm starting to find Blogger a little annoying when I use Mozilla on Linux. For a start, I don't get a spellcheck button, but worse is the lack of a preview button. The same page on Safari has both.

Then there is the occasional incomplete page. That was a listed bug for Blogger, but it didn't get fixed with the latest update. I'll admit that I see incomplete pages less frequently now, but when it happens there is no way I can get the page to load.

The latest problem came earlier tonight as I attempted to publish my latest update. There was no response to the "Publish" button at all. I typically get a page telling me that publication is happening, but not tonight. After pressing the button several times, I finally restarted Mozilla... only to see that each publication had actually happened. So if anyone saw 10 separate posts of the same message, then now you know why.

JRDFmem and Trove
I'm not doing anything on JRDFmem tonight, but as usual I've been thinking about it.

After my expressed frustration at the use of Long objects in JRDFmem, AN reminded me of Trove. Doh! I know this, and yet I didn't think of it once. This is why I need more sleep.

The only hassle is the need for another jar file, but I can possibly cut it back to the essentials. After all, why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to?

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