Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I nearly forgot... What happened to Blogger last night?

After I finished last night's entry I published it, and Blogger reported that all was fine. However, when I tried looking at the site, the new entry was not there. Looking at my list of entries, the latest one was there, but if I clicked on "View" I was taken to a 404.

OK, so there was a problem on the Blogger site. So I went to the page where I could report a problem, filled in the form, and pressed Submit. I got into work this morning, and I had bounced mail in my inbox telling me that the recipient of the form I submitted did not exist! That one made me laugh. You'd think that if there was a problem with the system, then the mechanism for reporting such problems would be kept running. It seems strange to think that the sysadmin's email could be on the same machine as the one running Blogger (or the part of Blogger that was failing). Maybe it wasn't, and the failure was more catastrophic than I thought. :-)

It couldn't have been too bad. It all seemed to be working by morning, and I didn't even need to republish.

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