Tuesday, July 13, 2004

iTQL Classpaths
It turns out that the iTQL jar holds almost nothing but other jars, plus a bootstrap class. I haven't looked at this class yet, but I already know that it unpacks the other jars and sets them up in the classpath, before starting the iTQL GUI.

Unfortunately this process is not what I need in order to get an ItqlInterpreterBean object. The unpacking and path setup are fine, but the subsequent execution of the GUI is not needed. the functionality may be separately available if I look carefully, but for the moment it's easier to just unpack the jar manually, and set them up in my classpath before running. On the other hand, this is all going to take quite a bit of gluing together when it gets fully integrated.

At this point it's all running, but the iTQL insertion queries are failing. Some extra logging tells me that there is an unexpected EOF. KA and ML suggested that the terminating semicolon is not needed when I'm not using the GUI, but that doesn't explain why the select queries are working fine. I'll sort it out in the morning.

Finally got all the application paperwork done and mailed into UQ. Now I just need to see if they'll accept me. In the meantime I've emailed my prospective supervisor to help me get started, as I need to start picking up my efforts in this regard.

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