Thursday, July 08, 2004

Rule Implementation
I've now converted the RDFS rules to into an appropriate drl format. This includes instantiation of a set of RDFSRule objects, each with the iTQL associated with the statements generated from that rule. Because of the formatting needed for the iTQL, all of this part of the drl file was wrapped in a CDATA section. The conditions for each of the rules are almost entirely used for identifying the correct rules by name.

Each RDFSRule has also been given a reference for the bootstrapping object. This is the only object to be created in actual Java code, and so is not scriptable. It is this object that will provide all of the session code to the rules so that they can perform operations on the dataset.

Now I just need to finish writing the RDFSRule class. It needs to be able to perform the iTQL query given to it, and store the length of the returned result. It will then need to be capable of testing this old result against the new. This test needs to be called in the drl file for the rules and will form the final condition needed for each rule (other than name identification). The consequent of a rule will be to insert the results of its query. For the moment this will include tautologies, but will eventually need to get cleverer.

I'll need to profile how these rules are being called, to make sure that these iTQL statements are not being executed too often. I believe that won't happen, but there are a couple of corner cases that are leaving a nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

Computers and Stuff
I finished the UQ application last night, after much procrastinating. Strangely, once I looked at it I discovered that there was nothing left to be done except write an accompanying letter and print everything. I'm wondering why I thought I still had work to do? Of course, I forgot some of this paperwork today, so now I can't mail it until tomorrow. I guess we'll see what UQ has to say about it.

So I was in bed late, and yet there was no way I could sleep. No idea why. Lack of sleep also led to me putting my back out in the gym this morning, so I need to stick to swimming, with no more cycling/running for a few days. Yuck. Consequently, everything described above may sound a little dazed. I'll try and do better tomorrow.

Today wasn't all bad though. The new PowerBook showed up. I'm using it now and it's a lovely little thing. Strangely for Apple, they missed out on some installation options. For instance, with the new PowerBooks there is no provided way to install X11. A little Google searching helped find the method (others have also commented on this problem). After inserting the "Restore" DVD, there is a "hidden" directory (bash sees it fine, but the Finder doesn't show it) called "System". Under that are several directories, including one with all the packages one might need.

DM also had another handy little hint for me. It seems that every package installed appears in a directory called /Library/Receipts. I'll have to remember this (hence my posting it to this Blog).

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