Monday, July 12, 2004

TKS Hooks
All the Java classes are now done for hooking the Drools code into TKS, but I'm still setting up the execution environment. I was expecting to use Session objects directly, but I stuck to iTQL instead. Fortunately there has been a lot of effort to make this very efficient (eg. the trans statement permits all transitive predicates to be found in a single query). Still, if this all works out, then it would be worth profiling to see if it could be done faster by skipping the top layers.

I don't really know much about TKS, and the differences to Kowari. I mean, I know what makes TKS different (since security in one part of that, and I wrote the first implementation of the security layer on my own!), and I know most of the shared code, but I'm not sure of what things had to made different to tie in the extra features. I keep expecting to get tripped up on something, but so far it's OK.

At the moment the code which starts the process is just a test class. I really don't know how or where it should be hooked in, but getting the code running is the most important thing at this stage. I can always copy and paste it if it needs to move.

A "fink" install of QT3 resulted in an internal compiler error, of all things! Apple left a message in the error handling code which asked me to lodge a bug report. Only fink cleaned up the working files, so I had nothing to report. Still, I was able to report it to the maintainer of the package.

In the meantime I've downloaded the source. I'll set it running before bed, to see it if compiles without fink. Hopefully it will, as I'm still reading that QT programming book, and I also need it to compile MythTV.

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