Sunday, September 12, 2004

New Format
Returning readers will notice that things look a little different here. Hopefully it looks nicer.

For some time I've been annoyed at the template I've been using for this blog. I chose that last style because I was after a "clean" look, but it was very light and I find that dark pages are easier on the eyes. This new template also offers a smaller set of fonts, which again is appealing.

I know that I could sit down and tweak the template to be "just right", but I'd rather spend the time on more productive pursuits.

Since the template wants to put in my personal description, I updated it to be a little more descriptive of me. (Though, how does one distill a personality down into 2 sentences?)


Anonymous said...

only thing is: content in the rss feed is bold too, and that hurts on the eyes.

Quoll said...

Well I changed some of the styles, reducing some of the font sizes, and generally making the sidebar look less conspicuous. It looks fine in a preview. However all of these changes are lost when I look at the page properly.

Not being an HTML expert this would take me a while to get right, and I don't really have the inclination to spend the time. If someone can provide help on changes I can make to the HTML then I'd be happy to incorporate them.