Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Node Type Resolver
Spent the day bringing over the URL Resolver into the Node Type package, and implementing all the fiddley bits. This means that I still have the main resolve() method to implement, but hopefully that will be very similar to the previous implementation.

Many of the other methods were trivial to implement, as the model is read-only.

The only issue I had with some of the methods was for model creation and deletion. I asked SR about these, and he told me about a class called InternalResolver which has several protected methods specifically for these kinds of operations. I had to extend NodeTypeResolver from this class, but this only required a few small changes. I also needed to promote an internal method called findModelType from private to protected so I could use it. It really is a utility method, so it was a valid change to make. I think it was only kept internal to the class as SR didn't need it for the two resolvers that used it.

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