Monday, October 25, 2004

Remote Frustrations
I started early and caught up on the weekend's email, etc. Once I got going I started looking at the Remote Resolver issues once more, but these were really in AM's area. So when AM arrived I dumped it all on him, including my test data, and went off to look at the Node Type issues.

After a while, AM got back to me to say that he was getting a different kind of exception while running my queries. The exception was related to being unable to find a factory for a local statement store. This was unexpected, and he went looking for it. It turned out that I had used a method on SessionFactoryFinder called newSessionFactory which makes the assumption that the session is local to the current JVM. The problem with this is that when a connection fails, it tries to fall back to using a local session, which is incorrect behaviour when speaking to a remote session. It was just a problem of not understanding the interface. The solution is to use a different version of the same method which accepts a boolean to indicate if the session is local or remote.

The only reason this problem showed up was because AM hadn't completely adjusted the queries I'd sent him, and one of the model references still took him back to my computer. Since I wasn't running a Kowari server his connection failed, and tried to fall back to a local resolver. So he was supposed to be getting an exception... but it was supposed to be a different exception.

Node Types
I went searching for the Node Type code (completed only a few weeks ago) so I could update it for multiple resolvers. However, I could not find it no matter where I looked (and I couldn't remember the path). After failing some "grep" attempts I realised that the code was now gone, so I asked where it might be.

It turned out that it was not brought forward into the new code base. This is a problem because it means that I'll have to work out a way of hooking it in that is similar to the last method. Unfortunately, that will increase the amount of work to do it, and I'm not sure I've allocated enough time.

In the meantime I had to find the old code, so I asked AN. He told me a branch name to use in CVS and left me to it. Now I don't know much about CVS, so I did a "man cvs" and searched for the word "branch". I found the command "admin -b" which changes the default branch, and I thought that might be what I want.

For those of you who know anything about cvs, you'll know that this was not the command that I wanted, but I had no idea of this.

Of course, I ended up changing the default branch for everyone. It only took me a minute to realise this, and I went immediately to DJ for help. The command to fix it should have been the same one, with no branch label, but for some reason this did not work for either DJ or myself. In the end he simply restored a backup of the cvs respository, as the backup was only a couple of hours old, and no one had committed since then. So there was no harm done, but it certainly wasted some time.

At the moment I'm trying to find out how and where to insert this node typing code. It used to be in a module known as a "resolver", but since that has a new meaning in the current system I may need to find a different name.

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