Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Resolver Tests
The test code class path problems were far reaching, and tedious. It seemed that this one test required every single resolver in the system to be available to it, which in turn required all the supporting libraries for each resolver type. I was trying to create a minimal set of jars to include, but with each addition I discovered yet another jar to throw into the mix. After spending way too much time on this, I added every remaining resolver jar that I hadn't yet included, and this finally allowed the tests to run.

The first problem with the running tests was an assertion when trying to resolve a model. Adding a string to the assertion showed that this was a "file://" model, which I don't handle. It turned out that 6 months ago I followed a comment a little too literally, and I explicitly registered this resolver as being able to handle file models.

Once the file registration was removed, a group of methods complained that there were no resolvers registered which could resolve a file model. Each test was taking a single element array of the resolver classes to register, and this only included the remote resolver. The simple fix was to declare a static array with two elements: the remote resolver, and the URL resolver (which can handle files). This still left 3 tests unable to handle file models, as it turned out that these methods used a different test mechanism and registered their own resolvers.

These fixes then got me to 2 passing tests, and 34 failures.

The first failure was due to an expected element not being found in the memory-based string pool that is used for temporary data. I don't believe that this reflects any problems with the remote resolver, but I'm not sure where the problem is coming from. I asked AM (who built the original framework) and he wasn't sure either.

AM pointed out that he has since refactored the whole test framework for resolvers. He suggested that I take the new test framework and apply my changes to that. I'm a little reluctant, as I had to make a lot of changes for the remote resolver. However, the problems appear complex, and I'll need to update it in order to have a consistent base in AM, simply so he can help debug it, if nothing else.

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