Monday, November 29, 2004

Kowari and JDK 1.5
I forgot to say... Last Thursday night I got Kowari building and running with JDK 1.5. Maybe I should submit those XMLC patches.

Unfortunately, I couldn't check my changes in, as it now has problems with JDK 1.4. This is mostly because the XMLC interfaces now require certain methods to be implemented, which the JDK 1.4 system doesn't have.

When I get some time I'll have a go at bringing in the latest W3C libraries to see if these will override the built-in libraries with the latest interfaces.

I've also been wasting some time looking at developing for my new phone with MIDP on OSX. It looks like I can do it, so I'll have to spend some time brushing up on J2ME. All I really want is a calculator, and I can probably find one if I go looking, but where would be the fun in that?

In the meantime, I've discovered that the phone has numerous bugs. For a start, it can't render Slashdot. It starts to show some headers, but when the page is complete all that is visible is a very large page of whitespace. The browser also makes it impossible to select some links on certain pages (for instance, the Sony Ericsson page!).

The other big bug is in the email client. It supports SSL, so after fiddling with the configuration for a couple of days, plus some support from my phone provider, I finally got it to connect to GMail. If there is no mail there, then it all works fine, connecting to the server, and telling me that I have no new messages. However, if the smallest text message is present, it will start to download it, and then hang. After a few minutes of complete unresponsiveness it starts to flash the screen and then reboots. Yuck. At least I can make phone calls with it. :-)

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