Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More OWL
Absolutely nothing of interest to report on today.

I read more OWL documentation. I find it interesting that I can read one part of the documentation and not think much of it, but after I learn more about OWL and come back to the same document I discover something really significant that I didn't get the first time through.

As a result, I'm reading this stuff, and re-reading it. Once I work on it a bit more I'll probably have to come back and re-read it again.

One set of things I really need to search for are any papers which refer to applying DL to OWL, such that OWL DL was arrived at. Ian Horrocks probably wrote some of that, so I should go looking there.

In the midst of this, my new phone arrived. It's a Sony Ericsson K700i, and I got it on my current account for no extra money. Apparently I'm already being ripped-off adequately. :-)

I just wanted a phone that can do Bluetooth, so I can sync it to my PowerBook. Well it does that really well (I've been impressed at some of the connectivity features, both built-in, and through Salling Clicker), but the other features look very nice as well. I comes with video (no 3G unfortunately, so it only works with MMS) and a snapshot camera, has a very large screen, and runs Java programs really nicely (it seems to be implementing Java3D. Does this phone have hardware 3D support?). All of this comes in a small and light phone, which is another important consideration. Unfortunately, it has a sharpish edge which I find uncomfortable against my ear. Oh well, maybe I'll get used to that.

There are a couple of configuration issues that bother me. First, I can't change the volume of things like the camera snapshot sound (it's REALLY loud). I also wish I could change the volume of different ring tones. For instance, the main ring tone is just fine, while the MP3 I've recorded for Anne's ringtone is a bit soft. In fact, all recorded MP3s sound soft, so it would be nice to either modify the levels on the recording, or else just allow each item to be played back at an individually assigned volume.

One feature I like is that I also have individuals' photos come up whenever I get a phone call or message from them. I'm used to individual ringtones, but I quite like this feature (though I'll probably get over it soon enough).

Overall, I like the phone. I suppose I should start brushing up on my MIDP again.


Dylan said...

I also found out that I always learn more when I re-read W3 specs. I assume that this happens because of the huge amount of brain melting info that you need to assimilate. ;)

I am on the beginning stages of learning OWL and find it fascinating. I'm still wrestling with a few Thorny RDF concepts in my mind e.g. URIs to represent things using the hash.

Quoll said...

I figured that I needed to re-read the docs because I'm stupid. :-)

Seriously, there's a guy here (DM) who has this uncanny ability while read docs. As he reads, he instantly recognises the ramifications of the most innocuous looking statements. It's like he can keep a picture of the entire system in his head at once, and doesn't forget any details. This allows him to cross-correlate the most obscure (and yet significant) things.

Next to this, I feel rather inadequate. :-)