Monday, November 15, 2004

Trans and Walk
For some reason the trans and walk JXUnit tests started failing when I tried to check the new bug fixes from Friday.

For some reason, recent configuration changes have caused the output from JXUnit tests to no longer include stack traces of any exceptions which are thrown. This is really annoying, and it means that it can now take some time to duplicate the conditions of the error, just to see the trace.

Once I had the exception being thrown, I was able to look at the offending code and discover that the problem happened when the Tuples.getRows() method was called on a transitive constraint, or a walk constraint. This was a problem because the constraint had never had the row count set, which made calling getRows illegal.

For some reason, other people had this code working correctly for them. I did a CVS update (several times) with no effect, so I thought I was up to date. However, I could not work out how others could have this code passing when I couldn't.

I asked AM about this, and he explained that AN had needed a workaround for a problem, so he had re-introduced the setRows() and getRows methods for use with a ConstraintExpression.getCanonicalForm() method. AM was not too happy about it, as it took a previously immutable object, and made it variable.

So now that I knew where my problem was coming from, the solution (which AN's hack was still in place) was to set the rows for the "trans" and "walk" constraint types. Once this was done everything worked correctly, and I could check all the bug fixes in for the release that TJ was orchestrating for the day.

This left me free to pursue some documentation, which was boring, but necessary.

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