Friday, November 19, 2004

I mentioned that I would talk about Barracuda and JDK 1.5, only I forgot.

The main problem is that Java now includes updated org.w3c.dom packages, which now implement DOM Level 3 (JDK 1.4 only did DOM Level 2). The new code includes numerous extra methods, and a few new subpackages. The subpackages don't affect Barracuda, but the new interface methods do, since Barracuda does not implement them.

At the moment I'm just putting all the method signatures into the correct places in Barracuda. I'm not doing any work in those methods (since no Kowari code will ever call them), but I'm putting in all the Javadoc which is time consuming. The only operations these methods make is to throw an appropriate exception (usually UnsupportedOperationException).

Maybe if I submit these changes someone can use this as a template for a proper implementation.

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