Friday, December 03, 2004

Remote Moves
Today was spent moving the remote resolver out of Kowari and into TKS. This means that distributed queries will now be restricted to TKS only. A distributed query is one where models from more than one server are all used.

The reason for the move is because the remote resolver was never supposed to be in Kowari yet. The only system to have distributed queries in the past was TKS. With the new resolver framework this functionality is being performed by the remote resolver, so this resolver is only supposed to be in TKS.

TKS is built on top of Kowari, meaning that as Kowari changes, so too does TKS. With the recent release coming up, Kowari was moving quickly, and I needed to make sure that the remote resolver was working with the latest build. To create the resolver in TKS would have meant updating TKS all the time, which would have become to expensive to get any effective work done. So I built it all in Kowari, with the intention of eventually moving it all.

I'll confess, it was in the back of my mind that maybe someone would forget about it and it would accidentally make it into the Kowari release, but unfortunately that didn't happen. :-) Not to worry. As TKS picks up new features (the so-called "value-adds") then older features like this will eventually make it back into Kowari. OTOH, maybe someone out there will really want this feature and do it themselves. After all, it is probably the simplest of all of our resolvers. I'm tempted to do it myself, but somehow I think that would be inappropriate. :-)

Be that as it may, the day was spent moving this stuff. That meant changing package names, removing the open source licence, changing config files, removing from one part of CVS and adding to another.... the list went on.

By the end of the day everything was working, and I went to do one final test. However, the build failed to compile, and when I looked, all of the source files in TKS were back to their original (Kowari) form. I don't know how this happened, but did not take too long to fix. The real work had been in the configuration files and the build scripts, so I had it going again in about 5 minutes.

While testing the changes, I read more about SOFA and KA's implementation of it in Kowari. I haven't quite finished the documentation yet, but I've covered most of it.

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