Friday, December 10, 2004

TJ approached me in the morning with a new bug. He claimed that there was a regression bug, where creating a model starting with "rmi://localhost/server1#" threw a NonRemoteSessionException.

My first thought was that this was a problem due to the create command not going through the resolver interface (like it is supposed to). I should ask SR and AM about that, as the interface currently lies. It also means that we don't get model creation when new resolvers are created, which drastically reduces some of the effectiveness of the interface. Anyway, it turned out that this thought was wrong. Yes, model creation does not go through the resolver interface, but that was not the root of the problem.

When I tried to duplicate TJ's problem I found that everything was working for me. I reported this back to TJ, and he showed me that one of his 2 bug reports had mentioned that he was using the web UI (I assumed that both reports were the same, and looked at the report which didn't mention the web UI). I never use the web UI, so it hadn't even occurred to me to try his query this way.

Just like the descriptors, the web UI runs in the same JVM as the server. This means that any RMI connections it makes will be back to itself. I kludged this for the descriptors by allowing RMI connections which use the canonical host name (as these won't loop anyway), however this wasn't working for the web UI since it could use any host name, depending on the user.

I was stuck on this for a little while, as I had no idea how to distinguish a web UI connection from any other. Even if I could work it out, then it would still be using the wrong server name. That second problem made me realise that I needed to rename the server before the model could go through. This was already being done within the resolver framework, but it now needed to happen when creating a model as well. This code is in ItqlInterpreter.

While I'm at it, ItqlInterpreter is a terrible place for this stuff. This is the class for taking parsed iTQL and dispatching it to the correct modules. Having it do the work of creating a model seems to be inappropriate, and another argument for getting the resolvers to do it for us.

All the same, I used similar code to the resolvers to look up ServerInfo if it exists, and use the information found in there to rename the server. Unfortunately, the list of acceptable server names was not stored in there, but was instead determined by Database. So I modified this class to set the aliases on ServerInfo once it was determined. Because Database and ServerInfo are in different packages I had to make the setter method public, which I didn't want. The only thing I could do to mitigate this is to make sure that this setter can only be called once.

I was supposed to leave early for our Christmas party, but I ended up staying almost until 5pm before I had this working.

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