Monday, December 06, 2004

Tests and SOFA
Quiet day today. With the latest release happening I was intent to test TKS as much as possible. SR had been having trouble, so I also picked up a clean checkout to confirm that all was well (which it was).

I discovered what had happened to my file modifications on Friday evening. I'd done everything required, but I hadn't removed the org.kowari.resolver version of the directories. So while all the new stuff was correct, the old code was also there. I'd been in such a hurry to leave on Friday that I failed to notice that the files that "lost" their changes were actually in the wrong area. TJ and SR found this problem, as the system was trying to compile these extra classes, and kept giving them errors.

In the meantime I finished reading the SOFA introduction and design whitepaper, and have now started making my way through the API. Next, I'll have to look at KA's implementation of the and interfaces.

Example Rule
It turned out that the owl:inverseOf statement from OWL Lite hadn't had the entailment iTQL documented for it. This was pretty easy, and I'm surprised that it wasn't already done. However, I updated some of the example RDF, and wrote the iTQL along with a description for it. Getting everything right and tested can take a little while, so by the time I'd finished GN had gone home for the day, meaning it won't make it into the documentation this time around.

This means that the only OWL statements which aren't documented with iTQL are from versioning. Theoretically this can involve inferencing as well (is this document which is compared to be compatible with another document actually consistent?) but we won't be considering that in the first instance. Well.... maybe TJ wants to, but I won't be. :-)

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