Thursday, December 09, 2004

Not much today. Mostly a lot of tests and confirming that things were running the way they are supposed to. Since the tests take so long at the moment this seems to take forever, and it is hard to do much else in the meantime (except, perhaps to read).

I started to look at SOFA, but really made little headway.

Everything seems a little slow at the moment. It must be the wind down before Christmas.

I went to the IEE Christmas Luncheon today, which was a nice diversion. I suppose I go along out of a sense of obligation, as there are very few people my age who go along, or even bother to be a member at the moment. Fortunately I sat next to a really nice guy named Teck Wai, who just a little younger than I am (or I assume he was. I often mistake Chinese people for being younger than they really are).

Since the lunch is also the AGM, the new committee was elected, and I took up a position again. It's not too onerous when you're not on the executive, and you can actually get something done when you get involved. While I was at it I convinced Teck Wai to nominate as well. Another friend of mine seconded the nomination the moment that he saw that I was suggesting a candidate who was aged under 40. :-)

The IEE is keen on expanding their involvement in IT, as many members like myself work in it. I should work on organising a few more events which would be of interest to younger members (like myself) as the main relevance of institutions like this is to introduce professionals in the same area to one another. I'll see what I can come up with, otherwise I may find myself dropping my membership due to lack of others' interest.

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