Saturday, February 26, 2005

Planet Humbug
I was added to Planet Humbug the other day. While it's nice to get some interest in my blog, I'm not sure how appropriate it is for this aggregation site.

As you can see, I wax lyrical about all sorts of things, from pure speculation through to sometimes-detailed descriptions of what I do day-to-day. The original point of this blog was to keep a journal of my work, so I could go back and see what I'd been doing and why. It was also to give a detailed description of my work to the other developers at Tucana. I was doing open source work, so I made the blog public for the hell of it. :-)

(That should explain my surprise when I discovered people outside of Tucana reading it. My first thought was "Why?". I guess I know now, but it still caught me off guard.)

The result is a blog that is generally several hundred words long, most days of the week. That just seems too long for an aggregator that brings in the entire blog!

Maybe I should suggest to C1inton to restrict the amount of text brought in.

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