Friday, March 25, 2005

I just spent several hours catching up on the last week. I hadn't finished, but I decided to publish anyway, and was just proof-reading it all before sending it in. I was only part way through when I left for a few minutes for a snack. When I got back I had a very attractive screen telling me that I had to reboot. I've rarely seen this on my Mac before, and on each occasion the notebook was extremely hot to touch. Perhaps a chip failed through heat? There's not a lot than an operating system can do about that.

So I've just lost a couple of thousand words. I'm a little frustrated. I haven't experienced this in years, as modern applications regularly save their position. However, the proliferation of web interfaces has led to a reversion in technology. I'm now thinking that I should do all of my editing in a text pad (that will auto save) and just use a web browser at the last moment in order to publish.

Hmm, maybe I should learn Firefox, just so I can put in a patch that will autosave text fields (particularly large ones), and re-load them on the next execution. The file can then be deleted as soon as a page is submitted.

On the other hand, I have so much to do at the moment, learning a new system just doesn't seem like an option.

Just so I don't forget, the things I wrote about were:

  • The problems with determining OWL cardinality in the open world model, with consideration given to owl:sameAs and owl:differentFrom.
  • Speculation on some specific cases with rdfs:range.
  • Difficulties in performing the subtraction operation, including some suggestions for making it possible to compare different RowComparators.
  • The problems where sort(Tuples) does not skip the operation when sorting is needed. This needs to be fixed, and when it is the join and subtract operations will both be improved.

I also need to write about bugs with variable predicates in the transitive function, the new insert/select bug, and a proposal for a simple open source semantic extractor (an important component that seems to be missing in the open source world - why is that?)

Anyway, I've been at this for hours, and I need a break. I'll work on it later.

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