Friday, March 25, 2005

Recent Blogging
OK, so it's later and I'm back to rewrite what I talked about last time.

I haven't been here for the last week for several reasons. The first is that virus I complained about recently. It hung around for a little while, and was very annoying. It wasn't enough to stop working, but I was very tired at night, and went to bed early every night instead of blogging. More sleep was probably better for improving my effectiveness at work than recording everything anyway.

At the same time, my parents took Anne and I to North Stradbroke last weekend, and now we're out at the family farm for Easter (No broadband out here. Just 128kb ISDN). I've had the notebook with me the whole time (very sad, I know), but I've tried to use the time for working, and not blogging.

Since I've been doing a lot, I'll just try to mention the more important points from the last week.

I've also been writing some long posts, with lots of sub-sections. I'm now thinking that it would be useful to break these up in to several smaller posts, with one topic per section. At the least, it will reduce the risk of losing a lot of typing. I'll try it today, and see how it goes.

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