Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I wanted to mention one other future plan.

Now that I'm working on the rules engine in earnest, I've been looking at languages like SWRL as well. While it won't suit the most efficient implementation of OWL for Kowari, I believe that it is still an important system. If anyone wants to build an inferencing system that isn't controlled by something like OWL (eg. they want to infer an uncle relationship) then they will probably be using a rules system, as this is the state-of-the-art in today's technology. With SWRL becoming a more popular standard, I can see a real need to implement this system in Kowari.

I'm expecting that the I can get onto a SWRL implementation once I've finished OWL inferencing. Hopefully I'll be able to reuse some of the Kowari rules code for SWRL, so it will make sense to do the work straight away while it is all still fresh.

I love Open Source work. You can work on anything you feel like. :-) (assuming you have enough spare time - if I get paid to work on Kowari then I may end up getting dragged into something else, like ontology updates).

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