Saturday, April 02, 2005

To test the bad memory in this PowerBook, I pulled out my 512MB module, and tried re-running the Kowari tests. A successful run would mean that module has a problem, while a failed run would indicate an internal problem in the PowerBook. The tests passed.

So now I just need to replace that module, rather than give up the computer for several weeks. Whew.

The big problem now is the performance of this computer. When running the Kowari tests it became completely unusable. Indeed, doing anything beyond text editing is painfully slow. Based on this, and Kowari's need for lots of memory, I'm thinking that it may be time to upgrade to a full GB of RAM. I should also be able to get new memory faster than a warrantee replacement on the old RAM, so it will have me up and running much sooner. I'll still get this other module fixed on warrantee, as I may be able to sell it to help offset the price of the new memory.

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