Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just like every night lately, I'm tired... so this will be short.

Testing and debugging went well over the last week. Since I found the dynamic compiling and error reporting of Eclipse to be so useful I decided to sink a bit of time into making the project integrate properly. I made some real progress, but it's still not done completely. Fortunately Eclipse still lets me run programs when errors are present in the build, otherwise the work I'd done would be a waste of time. It would still be nice to get everything working though. In the meantime, I decided I've spent enough time on it for now, else I won't be saving any more time than I've spent.

There are so many details that I learnt in setting this up, and it's annoying that I didn't blog them all as I went... particularly the problems. For instance, CVS didn't pick up one of the directories on SourceForge. Why not? No idea. But I could use the CVS perspective to "Check out" a subdirectory to an already existing project. So I just had to find the missing directories, and give them the correct destination.

The debug environment that I have running now lets me use breakpoints, and lets me properly analyse Kowari while it's running. The last class loader (with embedded jar loading) prevented this from working, so it's a significant step over what I used to have. However, it's still annoying that I can't get Log4J working properly. I've discovered that the correct config file is loading (I put an error into the XML, and looked for an error message), but it ignores the "Category" statements which stipulate that Debug messages should go to the appenders. The debugging environment helps here, but logging is still important (especially when you consider how slow Eclipse is). For the moment I use warning messages instead of debug messages, and I'll have to remember to change them all back before checking in.

Anyway, the configuration now works (of course, the problems were all in those areas I tacked on to the RDF at the last minute), and I've traced all of the problems, which I'm currently working on. It should be finished by the end of the week, but I still need time to write all the tests.

Public Holiday
Yesterday was a public holiday here (the Queen's birthday - not that anyone seemed to care about that). I worked for some of the weekend, and I planned on working for Monday as well, but Anne also needed to work. She's supported me a lot with work lately, so I agreed to look after Luc on my own. I spend a lot of time with him every day, but yesterday was the first time in a long while that I spent an entire day with him, where he was the centre of attention. No internet access, just taking him places and doing things with him. He's doing very well at the moment, trying out new words and solving lots of everyday problems.

We had a great day, and I'm pleased that I was "forced" into it. I'd better concentrate on work for another few weeks, but when it's done I should take another full day like that. It's good for the soul. :-)

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