Saturday, July 09, 2005

I hate jet lag. I'm currently 9 hours (and one day) away from home, and I don't feel so good. Hopefully I'll get over it soon.

The flights took me to LA, then on to Dulles in Virginia. I got to relax for a day, then that night drove 2 hours through pouring rain to Baltimore. It was a bit rough given how tired I was. The next day (Friday) I worked until 4pm. At that point I was supposed to sit back and take it easy, but my sister-in-law decided to get me a cheap flight and fly me down to Houston for my brother's 30th birthday. I'm still exhausted (especially after a few drinks and a late night with my brother last night), but it's all starting to slow down for me now.

Hopefully I can have a quiet day tomorrow before flying back to Baltimore in preparation for work on Monday.

Other than the unpleasant physical effects, I enjoy traveling. I still miss Anne and Luc though.

I spent most of the trip reading and watching videos, but I did get to write a bit of code. However, it was mostly documentation, so there's no new functionality to report. However, I've had time to re-prioritize what I'm doing, and I expect to do the consistency checks soon. This shouldn't be too hard, so I hope to put them in during my evenings in the coming week.

Consistency will be good for a couple of reasons. The first will be for specific applications to write consistency tests for particular implementations. It will also be useful for implementing OWL. I don't have all the functionality needed for OWL yet (subsumption being the biggest problem), but I can still get a lot done without it. It makes a lot of sense to implement as much of OWL as I can, and then incrementally improve the support.

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