Saturday, November 12, 2005

For those who know me, I'd like to announce that Nicolas George Gearon was born at 3pm on Friday. Both he and his Mum are great (that's "Mom" for those of you in the US). Luc is still trying to work out why he is no longer the centre of attention.

Anne is a wonderful woman who never fails to impress me, especially so on days like Friday. However, she told me afterwards that if she ever does it again she'll use pain relief. I think that's fair enough. :-)


Tom Adams said...

Congratulations Paul! Well done to you and Anne. Is Gearge a family reference? Tom

Quoll said...

No Gearges in the family, but George was my grandfather's middle name.

Grant Noble said...

Hi Paul. Congratulations to you and Anne! Two boys, wow will your life change! All the best!