Thursday, December 15, 2005

I notice a new post on the Google Blog describing a new tool for Firefox. When installed, a small message will appear on any page you visit, showing a list of blogs which refer to that page. Sounds cute.

I normally browse with Safari (gotta love those native widgets), but I keep Firefox installed (after all, some pages have extra features when viewed with Firefox). So here was a chance to upgrade my version of Firefox (I hadn't picked up 1.5 yet) and install Google's new tool.

So where should I go first to check out the comment? Well obviously my usual home page of Google comes up, and there are ample comments. How about the page talking about the new tool? Lots of comments there too. Oh, I know! How about this blog? :-)

Unfortunately the list of comments was a little disappointing, mostly including my friends. That will teach me to not blog regularly. However, I did find one blog on semantic web development that I found really interesting. I was just disappointed that he didn't have a lot of incoming links (though there was one worth checking out).

All in all, it's a tool that I like. In fact, I wouldn't mind a similar tool that did a link: search on Google, rather than just in the bloggosphere.

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