Monday, February 06, 2006

Stress and Moving
This is probably my last entry from Australia for the time being. We've just spent the last few days in a mad scramble trying to finalize the things we thought were already done, or easier to complete than they really were. I hope we're near the end of it.

Tomorrow morning will see the moving company arrive, and take almost everything we own. We won't see any of it again for at least 8 weeks. We were told 8-14 weeks, so I'm expecting that it will really be around 16 weeks. Then off to a hotel, and onto a flight the next morning. It's a 12:10pm flight to LA... meaning that we have to check in no later than 9:10am! Sounds excessively early to me, but I suppose they need that to deal with the conditions set out at LAX.

In the meantime, we've been running all over town managing accounts, banks, and insurances. I've also had to spend a significant sum on travel insurance to cover us until my medical insurance becomes valid in April. This wasn't easy, as most providers won't handle people taking one-way trips. It had to be travel insurance, as we needed to be covered in case of problems on the trip, particularly if something happened to my notebook computer. Unfortunately, the only "one-way" insurance I found does not cover computers (only cameras), so I had to spend another couple of hundred to cover the computer as well. It all adds up, and I don't expect to see my credit card reimbursed soon. I'm going to be in a lot of debt for a while on this one.

Luc seems to be dealing with everything very well, and is still happy most of the time. I'm very grateful for this. He still needs his attention, so it can get difficult on occasion. Nic is as happy as ever. Anne and I are both very tired, and I'm looking forward to it all being over.

We've been told that we'll have internet access when we get there, so here's hoping I can get online quickly once we do.

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Tom Adams said...

Hi Paul, all the best to you all on the trip, I hop the flight treats you well. On the moving part, we didn't see our stuff for 4.5 months, when they told us 6-8 weeks. I wouldn't be relying on getting it any sooner. I'm sure you have lots of advice from your brother on moving to the US, but feel free to ping me if you want some more! Tom