Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Look

I had to change some of the elements on this page (I was still linking to Kowari!), so while I was at it I decided to change the look a little bit.

The color change is mostly because someone anonymous complained about it. I couldn't tell if the complaint was spam, but I figured I was due for a change. The change in width is because the narrow columns have been bugging me for years. Unfortunately, I know next to no CSS, so I fiddled until I liked it a little better. Please let me know if I killed the layout in some horrible manner.

1 comment:

tom said...

It's much easier to read then before! Do you remember Word for DOS? It used white typo on blue background. I always found that very nice to read and i adjusted my text editors to the same values (i switched from BBedit to TextMate not least because TextMate allows this while BBedit doesn't). As far as i know this color combination was also used for slide presentations in those days when slide really ment 'slide'.