Saturday, May 26, 2007


After writing all morning, someone from Italy wanted me to check my email in the office using Zimbra. Of course, this made Firefox crash (again). Fortunately, Blogger autosaves your posts, so I lost nothing. However, after starting Firefox I discovered that editing was very slow. The "top" program revealed that Firefox was using 30% of the CPU, so I decided to restart it. Again, I made sure the blog was saved (I manually pressed "SAVE NOW").

After firing up the program I first confirmed that the CPU wasn't being used heavily, then went back to the blog. Only this time the draft is empty! It's there, but there's nothing in it. Given how much time I put into it (and the links I chased down) I'm kind of miffed. Software has come some way in recent years, and I haven't experienced this kind of data loss for some time. It feels like the 1990's all over again.

Thinking that Blogger would want to know about the potential for data loss, I went looking for a place to report the problem. However, like several other sites I've found recently, making a bug report (or a warranty claim) is not a trivial task. Fortunately, I found it at last, only to discover that when you click the "Report a Bug or Problem" button, and then choose the sub-item of "I found a bug with Blogger" results in a page saying, "Invalid problem". Selecting the more general option of just "Report a Bug or Problem" takes you to a Help page.

So how do I report a bug in the bug reporting system?

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