Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I hadn't heard much about Talis before SemTech. I suppose I spend too much time on technology and not enough time on how and where it's applied. That's what people like Andrew and Danny are good for, which is why I stay in touch with their blogs.

So I only really started paying attention to Talis when David did his interview on their podcast. This podcast has a fascinating series of interviews with people whose opinions I'm interested in hearing. The only problem I have with it is the intro music. It reminds me of the 70's relaxation music they play while warming up the star projector in the Brisbane Planetarium, so I end up imagining that I'm listening to the interviews in a cavernous auditorium with the lights turned off. But don't let that put you off - the content is good.

So now I had an awareness of Talis, but never had any interaction with them. Then on Tuesday morning I decided to catch up on my RSS feeds, and read that Danny had started employment with them. I didn't even know he was looking for that kind of work. Congrats Danny.

About an hour after reading Danny's news, David introduces me to Ian and Sam from Talis. This is the same Ian mentioned in Danny's blog post about his new job. I know we're all in the same industry, but reading about someone and meeting them an hour later is just scary synchronicity.

Next I hear that Talis may be interested in Mulgara features. These guys are everywhere. But that reminds me: I'd better do some coding.


Paul Miller said...

Paul - glad to hear that we're on your radar, and that the podcasts are proving useful. We aim to do plenty more of those, playing our part in spreading the word about the SemWeb and the ways that it can really be put to use in meeting current and future business requirements. Suggestions as to topics always welcome!

We're serious, too, about continuing to grow our Platform, and keeping an open mind as to useful pieces of the puzzle such as Mulgara has been, is, and remains an important part of that.

Quoll said...

Hi Paul (Miller),
This is just weird....
I just spent the last hour listening to one of your interviews on my iPod, and it just finished as I got to my desk. Given that I was hearing your voice only 30 seconds before, I'm sure you can imagine my surprise to see your name sitting in my inbox!

BTW, I hope I didn't offend with my comment on the music. I really do appreciate the podcast.

Paul Miller said...


I've just been reading your comments on the Nova Spivack podcast; if I can make someone want to yell at their iPod on a bus, I think I've succeeded!

And yes, the Nova one was great. There's plenty more where it came from, too -

Quoll said...

I suppose you needed to have the root link to for the podcast mentioned, and it was rude of my not to say already. Sorry. :-)

Given that I've already commented on David's and Nova's interviews I'd have thought it was obvious that I'm working through the interviews? I've started with the people I know, but now I'm getting into the rest of them.

I note that it's tough to find the podcast link. It's not on the Nodalities page, and on the Talking with Talis page, it's hidden halfway down and has the label Syndicate this Site (XML). It's very cute that the link is useful for both an RSS reader (ie. graphics, links, etc) and podcasting, but this initially made me think you didn't have a podcast link.... until I thought to have a look in the XML. Perhaps a description explaining that the link can be used for both?

So what happened to you last week? I thought you'd changed the music, until I realised it was Richard doing the interview.

Also, it seemed a little strange for him to include a Flash player when the MP3 file is already linked to, and is attached in an <enclosure> tag. Will this be a common inclusion in future?