Friday, August 31, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

A friend of mine took a series of photos of the recent lunar eclipse, as seen from Brisbane. They're not serious astrophotography, but for someone like me who doesn't have much of a view of the sky any more, they were nice to see. (I miss my telescope).

I particularly like the bright exposure of the final crescent, and again when it re-emerges. It's also a nice example of how even the simplest of telescopic lenses is able to see the Galilean moons.

I recommend using the "Slideshow" view, to watch the progression of the full-size photos.

1 comment:

Bernard said...

Heh. No, definitely not serious astrophotography... ;-)

I wasn't too upset about how they turned out, though, and felt pretty smug when I realised that pic actually showed the Galileans. :-D

Gotta get me a *good* lens, and more importantly, a motorised mount. Then some real pics.

I believe that someone found a comet using only their trusty Canon DSLR (the model before mine) and some comparison software. So it is possible, but requires more than a $25 tripod!

Thanks for the link, though - might broaden the audience beyond Ant's gaelic footy team!