Thursday, May 13, 2010


Something reminded me that I had RSS going through Feedburner, so I tried to look at it. Turns out that after the Google move they want to update everyone's account, and I hadn't done it yet. So I gave them all my details, and the system told me that it didn't recognize me.

So then I said I'd forgotten my password, at which point it recognized my email address and asked a "secret question". I know the answer to the question, and it's not even that secret, since I'm sure that most of my family could figure it out, but Feedburner claims I'm wrong. Could someone have changed this? Maybe, but there are only a handful of people who would know that answer, and I trust them not to do something like that.

Not a problem, I'll just submit a report explaining my problem. Only it seems that Feedburner is exempt from that kind of thing. The closest you can get to help is an FAQ. Good one Google.

So now what? Well, I guess I just create a new Feedburner link and take it from there. Sorry, but if you've been using RSS to follow this blog, then would you mind changing it please? It's annoying, I know.

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