Sunday, December 08, 2013

DDD on Mavericks

Despite everything else I'm trying to get done, I've been enjoying some of my time working on Gherkin. However, after merging in a new feature the other day, I caused a regression (dammit).

Until now, I've been using judiciously inserted calls to echo to trace what has been going on in Gherkin. That does work, but it can lead to bugs due to interfering with return values from functions, needs cleanup, needs the code to be modified each time something new needs to be inspected, and can result in a lot of unnecessary output before the required data shows up. Basically, once you get past a particular point, you really need to adopt a more scalable approach to debugging.

Luckily, Bash code like Gherkin can be debugged with bashdb. I'm not really familiar with bashdb, so I figured I should use DDD to drive it. Like most Gnu projects, I usually try to install them with Fink, and sure enough, DDD is available. However, installation failed, with an error due to an ambiguous overloaded + operator. It turns out that this is due to an update in the C++ compiler in OSX Mavericks. The code fix is trivial, though the patch hasn't been integrated yet.

Downloading DDD directly and running configure got stuck on finding the X11 libraries. I could have specified them manually, but I wasn't sure which ones fink likes to use, and the system has several available (some of them old). The correct one was /usr/X11R6/lib, but given the other dependencies of DDD I preferred to use Fink. However, until the Fink package gets updated then it won't compile and install on its own. So I had figured I should try to tweak Fink to apply the patch.

Increasing the verbosity level on Fink showed up a patch file that was already being applied from:

It looks like Fink packages all rely on the basic package, with a patch applied in order to fit with Fink or OS X. So all it took was for me to update this file with the one-line patch that would make DDD compile. One caveat is that Fink uses package descriptions that include checksums for various files, including the patch file. My first attempt at using the new patch reported both the expected checksum and the one that was found, so that made it easy to update the .info file.

If you found yourself here while trying to get Fink to install DDD, then just use these 2 files to replace the ones in your system:

If you have any sense, you'll check that the patch file does what I say it does. :)

Note that when you update your Fink repository, then these files should get replaced.

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