Saturday, June 23, 2007


PaulM recently made one of his infrequent posts (like I can talk), mentioning Dopplr in the process. Then just last night IanD linked to an interview with Dopplr's lead developer, Matt Biddulph.

Dopplr sounds interesting. It's almost enough to make me regret not traveling enough to justify joining. Almost.

Back when I couldn't afford it, I used to enjoy traveling. I still enjoy it, but leaving the kids and Anne takes the luster off the experience. I'm looking forward to the day when the boys are happy for me to leave, and Anne and I can go somewhere on our own for a weekend... or a week.

I also note that Dopplr want to add in support for calculating your miles for Terrapass. Expedia pointed me to Terrapass on my last flight, and I was very happy to use it. I'm planning on making use of it as much as possible in future.

Most transport has alternatives that can use less emissions, but air travel is one of seems to have no solution. I'm not a big fan of "carbon offsets", as it's usually an excuse for pushing the problem off on someone else, and doesn't provide a solution (besides, carbon is only one of many problems with emissions). However, there are many occasions where there simply is no better alternative, in which case I fully endorse them. Carbon offsets are usually the domain of large corporations, but Terrapass makes them accessible to consumers. I don't think that lets the corporations providing to the consumers off the hook, but it does allow people to get involved.

I was also pleased to note in the news recently that the FAA are looking to clean up the airlines. Even if they're successful, I somehow doubt that Terrapass will charge less per mile. ;-)

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TreeBanker said...

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